The Key of Astrea

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Jenny Tripper will die an early death because of a family curse that has already claimed her mother. She lives and works in her aunt’s failing fortune-telling shop, and is haunted every moment by a medieval ghost.

But then a mysterious package arrives on her doorstep: a holographic woman pleads for Jenny’s help in saving the Solar System from a powerful interstellar foe. She agrees and finds not only friends, doors to other universes, and the power to manipulate quantum waves, but an incredible destiny that’s been waiting for her … if Jenny can master her abilities without going insane.

"Becoming invested was the easiest thing to do and putting the book down was the hardest. I didn’t want the story to end, I wanted to know more about Jenny, and I wanted to see what happened next right away. Jenny is so unique, she is not your typical damsel in distress but she realized she had to save herself."

Rabia Tanveer


“The Key of Astrea combines wildly imaginative science fiction with an inspiring young hero who navigates the difficult boundaries of her own identity, her struggles with mental health, and her own recent grief…while battling for the fate of multiple universes.”

Lynsey G., co-founder of Oneshi Press, and IPPY Award-winning author

"This is a work of great imagination, a novel that is well-plotted and skillfully accomplished. From the very start, the reader is greeted by the strong, descriptive style of writing, with vivid images in the depths of outer space — the flash of light, the sudden appearance of hundreds of ships, and movement through the Terminal in the galaxy. "

Ruffina Oserio

Nicholas Marson

Nicholas Marson was born in Portland, Oregon—and lived there for most of his life. He spent his time inventing games, drawing, and writing stories to entertain his friends. In addition to being a writer, Nicholas is a web developer, husband, and father. In 2014, he began writing his first novel, The Key of Astrea.