“Made me stay up way too late to keep reading! ... I give this one four of five stars and recommend it to readers who enjoy young adult science fiction/fantasy stories.”

Karen Siddall

“The Key of Astrea combines wildly imaginative science fiction with an inspiring young hero who navigates the difficult boundaries of her own identity, her struggles with mental health, and her own recent grief…while battling for the fate of multiple universes.”

Lynsey G. | Author

“With some characters that you want to root for, and others that you will love to hate, Marson has a firm grasp on writing compelling characters thrown into circumstances outside of their own control."

Dawn Vogel | Mad Scientist Journal

“To say that I enjoyed this novel will be an understatement and I literally can’t wait for the next novel in the series. Simply fantastic.”

Rabia Tanveer

“If you haven’t read KEY OF ASTREA yet, I’m jealous. You have so much adventure ahead of you.”

Kori Giudici

“Marson has created a well-balanced tale that teen readers and adults will both enjoy. Overall, The Key of Astrea is a recommended read for YA sci-fi fans everywhere.”

K.C. Finn

“With its steady-paced plot, clear narrative as well as intricate world-building and interesting characters, this sci-fi novel is a solid read that both YA and older fans of the genre will enjoy.”

Lit Amri

“The Key of Astrea is a powerful tale, action-packed, and filled with emotionally intense moments. Nicholas Marson comes across as a master storyteller, who combines realism with high tech concepts to create a story that is transporting.”

Ruffina Oserio

“It’s bound to attract adult readers as well as the younger generations and I guarantee you this is a story you won't forget in a hurry.”

Anne-Marie Reynolds